Addis Ababa master plan is not scrapped to begin with

Addis Ababa Master Plan is not scrapped to begin with. It is just ”suspended”. This kind of announcement should not be considered as victory either for two main reasons. 1.The master Plan has already been in the process of implementation or it is a retroactive legalization of what TPLF has been doing to our people for the last decades around and in Shaggar/Addis Ababa. 2. There is no guarantee that this suspended ”plan” will not be reactivated just two or three weeks from now. 3. There is no way we can trust TPLF and its public announcements as genuine and in good faith.
Please please, don’t bullshit us and the people who have been killed and in the process of all these sufferings by calling this kind of low level manipulative TPLF’s propaganda as victory.Clearly, if it is a victory, it is not for our people, families and relatives who are living in and around Shaggar right now, just to be clear.
And also we better not to impose our selves on each and everyone of us as representative of ‪#‎oromoProtests‬ or leaders of the protesters. It is good for all of us to know our boundaries when it comes to this kind of sensitive matters.(By Legesse A.Gurmuu)


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