The Death of Bekele Mekonnen Wosenu, the son of the brother of the legendary Mulu Wosenu

Jan 26,2016 By Birhanemaskel Abebe Segni

I am pretty sure all Shewan Oromo child whether he/she grew in Shewa, Arsi, Bale or Hararege or for that matter anywhere in Oromia knows the traditional Oromo folklore in honor of Mulu Wosenu.

It is one of the folklores we all grew up singing as a child. These families’ bravery and resistance against oppression is something that is engraved in each and every Oromo souls. They are the pride of the Oromo people.

The son of the brother of the legendry Mulu Wosenu, Bekele Mekonnen Wosenu, a legend in his own right, passed away this week in the United Kingdom, in exile.

Had we been in our country in our homeland, we all could have been at his funeral ceremony with decorated houses lined up in accordance with Oromo tradition, and the nation narrating their great deeds and bravery. We would have said honorable goodbye to this great son of the Oromo nation.

The agony of being unable to celebrate the life and legacy of the Oromo heroes and heroines are one of the institutional failings we all should do our utmost to immediately remedy. There is no excuse for not doing this!

For now, we are enduring the cruse of being in exile and our own failing to establish an Oromo society our people support and help each other irrespective of their differences in religion, region or political persuasion.

Let every Oromo who listen to the concluding advice of Mr. Bekele Mekonnen Wosenu in his final interview he gave to Journalist Dammaqaa Nagaasaaof Oromia Media Network a cause of his/her life and a final WILL of an Oromo father that must be obeyed and realized by establishing one or two organizations that will help an Oromo be it in business, education or social life.

I thank Oromia Media Network (OMN) and Journalist Dammaqaa Nagaasaa for conducting this timely and historic interview of this great Man.

My heartfelt condolences to all the families and relatives Mr. Bekele Mekonnen Wosenu. May his soul rest in peace!

Geresu Tufa Girma Gutema Milkessa Midega Birhanu M Lenjiso Solomon Ungashe Dereje Gerefa Tullu Gudeta Gelalcha Tibebu Sime Hawi Chala Tigist Geme Addis Standard Reta Dhaba worku,Badhadhaa Nugusie Gamachuu


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